About the Festival

rtf new glass drawing

The Redlands Theatre Festival, now in its fourth decade, continues its reputation for excellence in performance, entertainment and location. Just two minutes from downtown Redlands, the RTF Theatre is located at the corner of Highland and Cajon in Prospect Park. The park is green and wooded with a spectacular panoramic view of Redlands. The half-timbered, open-air theatre is aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally superb. The theatre possesses outstanding staging facilities and remarkable acoustics. The fan-shaped audience area is raked for excellent viewing. No theatre patron sits further than 50 feet from the thrust stage.

The evening performances are held under the star-filled balmy nights of Southern California. The Redlands Theatre Festival offers a wide variety of exciting and interesting theatrical experiences. Each season is centered around five plays in repertory that feature a different production each night. Its showcase of productions typically includes: a major Broadway musical, an Off-Broadway musical, a contemporary drama, a recent Broadway release and a period piece.

The season begins the second week of July and continues through the third week of August. For the best selection of performance dates, order your tickets early. The box office is open daily and on weekends. Performances begin nightly at 8:30 p.m. Reserved tickets are only held until 8:00 p.m. Audiences are encouraged to arrive early and bring a picnic dinner to enjoy on the grassy knoll surrounding the theatre. The theatre is a short and pleasant stroll from the beautiful flower-filled botanical gardens. A stop at the “Spooning House” has been an enjoyable moment for many.

For those who would prefer, free trolley rides are provided after 6:30 p.m. The free Festacab leaves from the entrance on Cajon to the box office at the top of the hill. RTF is happy to assist our disabled patrons with parking and seating. Please call the box office for specific information. Regular audience parking is located along Cajon and Highland.
The Redlands Theatre Festival is truly a not-for-profit theatre company. It does not seek to generate income, rather to provide a cultured climate for not only its own community, but of the entire area. The Festival welcomes your support and sense of community.